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The Chill Factor

The Chill Factor

a jazzy groovy sound to relax

2008 Copyright Emanuel Stanley
Little Planet Music
All Songs composed, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered
by Emanuel Stanley

Artwork by Arno Dietsche
Photos by Levent Canseven and Jörg Reichardt

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28.12.2009: Here And Now

28.12.2009: Groove Meditation

28.12.2009: I Heard The Bell

28.12.2009: The Chill Factor

28.12.2009: Hesitation

28.12.2009: Good Morning Bass

28.12.2009: The Deep

28.12.2009: Hip Jazz

28.12.2009: With You

28.12.2009: Serrekunda Market


Price 15,00 €
(+Shipping within Europe 2,00 €, Worldwide 3 €)

1) Send a mail with your adress:

2) Bank information will be sent, transfer the money.

3) After receipt the CD will be sent immidiately.

From Gitarre & Bass October 2009 (Translation)

This bassplayer from cologne has got an unbelievable groove, a beautiful sense for melodies, a feel for touching sounds, and he has a couple of interesting guests wih him. Beside a handful of nice horn players, Martin Kübert does a great job on the Fender-Rhodes, and Klaus Bittner, a funky and permanently booked studio player, is really impressive on the guitar. Underneath and above of all you hear the grooving and singing bass of Emanuel Stanley in his relaxt way of supporting and leading the whole scene. A fantastic player and musician whose first quality is: feelinf, feeling, feeling! Who the Funk is Marcus Miller?